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About us

The wines of Rudi Wiest Selections by Cellars International are currently distributed in the following states, many of our wines can be ordered by retail stores from the respective distributor in the area.

If you have difficulties finding Rudi Wiest Selection wines in your area, please contact us.

The @ - sign in the e-mails is represented by "at" to prevent spam companies from harvesting these e-mail addresses from this website. Please replace "at" when using the e-mail addresses provided.

Alabama: International Wines, Inc; Birmingham, AL; ph: 205-945-7101
Contact: Todd Edmundson - todde"at"international-wines.com

Alaska: Specialty Imports, Inc.; Anchorage, AK; ph: 907-563-9100
Contact: Mr. Gary Griffeth - gary"at"specialtyimports.com

Arizona: Republic Beverage Company, Phoenix, AZ; ph: 602-233-1900
Contact: Pat Rink - patrink"at"rbc-usa.com

Arkansas: Central Distributors; Little Rock, AR; ph: 501-372-3158
Contact: Jay Bruno - jaybruno"at"yahoo.com

California: Rudi Wiest Selections; San Marcos, CA; ph: 800-596-9463
Contact: Debbie Wickam - debbie"at"germanwine.net

Colorado: GRU Distributing; Boulder, CO; ph: 303 499-1025;
Contact: Dick Fetter - dickfetter"at"comcast.net

Connecticut: Opici Wine Company; Milford, CT; ph: 203 876-2830
Contact: Bob Immer - immerb"at"opici.com

Delaware: Constantine Wines; Columbia, MD; ph: 410-309-9643
Contact: Dave Ketcham - dketch3"at"comcast.net

Florida: Opici Wine Company; Lake Park, FL; ph: 561-842-3113
Contact: David Pennisi - pennisid"at"opici.com

Georgia: Prestige Wine Wholesale; Marietta, GA; ph: 770.955.2876
Contact: Chris Elam - gansalin"at"msn.com

Hawaii: JMD Beverages; St Aiea, HI; ph: 808-487-9985
Contact: John Doty - john.doty"at"jmdbev.com

Idaho: J.W. Thornton Wine Imports; Ketchum, ID; ph: 208-726-3876
Contact: Frazer Ford - frazerford"at"jwtwine.com

Illinois: Maverick Wine Company; Bensenville, IL; ph:630-860-4600
Contact: Scott Larsen - slarsen"at"maverickwine.com

Indiana: All American Wine; Indianapolis, IN; ph: 317-625-2916
Contact: David Davis - ddavis"at"allamericanwine.com

Iowa: Johnsonn Brothers; DesMoines, IA; ph: 800-356-9463
Contact: Brian Emerson - bemerson"at"johnsonbrothers.com

Kansas: Standard Beverage Corp.; Wichita, KS; ph: 913-888-7200;
Contact: Mr. Keith Paden - keith.paden"at"stdbev.com

Kentucky: Republic of KY (former Horizon W&S); Fairdale, KY; ph: 502.368.7447
Contact: Mr. Dane Wolz- dane_wolz"at"horizonwineandspirits.com

Republic Beverage Company;

Republic of New Orleans, LA; ph: 504.849.6378
Contact: Karen Stone - karenstone"at"rbc-usa.com

Republic of Lafayette, LA; ph: 800-966-4984
Contact: Mike Harden - mikeharden"at"rbc-usa.com

Republic of Shreveport, LA; ph: 318-603-8541
Contact: Micki Despot - mickeydespot"at"rbc-usa.com

Maine: Pine State Beverage; Gardiner, ME; ph: 207.622.3741
Contact: Tom Kilbride, Sales Manager - tkilbride"at"pinestatetrading.com

Maryland: Potomac Selections; Landover, MD; phone: 703-919-1470
Contact: Thomas P. Kiszka - tk1958"at"aol.com

Massachusetts: Ruby Wines, Inc.; Avon, MA; ph: 800-962-3572
Contact: Tom Modica - tommodica"at"rubywines.com

Rave Associates; Ann Arbor, MI; ph: 734-761-7702
Contact: Bob Wakeman - rwakeman"at"raveassociates.net

J & J Importers, LLC / Wines of Distinction; Troy, MI; ph: 248-733-9463
Contact: Michael Korns - info"at"winesofdistinction.com

Minnesota: Grape Beginnings; West Minnetonka, MN; ph: 952.933.7290
Contact: Peter Carroll - grapebegin"at"aol.com

Mississippi: Beau Madd; Madison, MS; phone: 601 853 6918
Contact: Norman Rush - winerush"at"earthlink.net

Glazer's Midwest 5800 Stilwell Kansas City, MO; phone: 816.231-1188
Contact: Rob Lyon - rlyon"at"glazers.com

Premier Cru 3101 Mercier # 428 Kansas City, MO; phone: 816-531-9700
Contact: Keith Baum - kbaum"at"pc-wc.com

George's Distributing; Helena, MT ; ph: 406-442-3980
Contact: Chelsey George - chelseyg"at"mt.net

Nebraska: Sterling Distributing Co.; Omaha, NE; ph: 402-339-2300
Contact: Tom Hamburger - t.hamburger"at"sterlingdistributing.com

Nevada: DeLuca Liquor & Wine LTD; Las Vegas, NV; ph: 702-935-9141
Contact: John Smith - JSmith"at"delucaliquor.com

New Hampshire: Pine State Beverage; Gardiner, ME; ph: 207.622.3741
Contact: Tom Kilbride, Sales Manager - tkilbride"at"pinestatetrading.com

New Jersey: Maximum Distributors of NJ; Hightstown, NJ; ph: 609-409-9775
Contact: Jeff Krietzman - jeff"at"maximumwine.com

New Mexico: Fiasco Fine Wine; Santa Fe, NM; ph: 505-438-2500
Contact: Thomas Wolinski - tom"at"fiascowine.com

New York: David Bowler Wines; New York, NY; ph: 212.807.1680
Contact: David Bowler - dbowler"at"bowlerwine.com

North Carolina: Oenophilia, Inc.; Hillsborough, NC; ph: 800-899-6366
Contact: Bruno Arricastres - bruno"at"oenophilia.com

North Dakota: Republic Beverage Company; Fargo, ND; ph: 701-282-0985
Contact: Dan Sobolik - dans"at"congressincnd.com

Cutting Edge Selections; Fairfax, OH; ph: 513.561.8555
Contact: Mr. Mark Maher - cutting"at"one.net
Estates: Fürst, Gunderloch, Reinhold Haart, von Hövel, Künstler, Pfeffingen, Simon;
Rudi Wiest Fusion and Rhein River

Vintage Wine Distributing; Solon, OH; ph: 440-248-1750
Contact: Casey Forbes / Matt Citriglia - winementor"at"earthlink.net
Estates: Von Buhl, Fritz Haag, Karthäuserhof, Mönchhof, Rebholz, Schäfer-Fröhlich, Wegeler, Robert Weil, Wirsching, Zilliken; Rudi Wiest Mosel River and Slatestone.

Oklahoma: Republic Beverage Co. of Oklahoma; Oklahoma City, OK; ph: 405-702-4650
Contact: Jeff Coyle - jeffcoyle"at"rbc-usa.com

Oregon: Mitchell Wine Group LLC; Portland,OR ; ph: 503 546-2075
Contact: Ewald Moseler - ewald"at"moseler.com

Pennsylvania: The Wine Merchant; Ardmore, PA; ph: 610 239-7400
Stan Bowers - stan"at"thewinemerchantltd.com

Rhode Island: Providence Beverage; Coventry, RI; ph: 401-392-3390
Contact: Tom Becker - tom"at"ridistributing.com

South Carolina: Carolina Wine Source; Charleston, SC; ph: 843-225-5277
Contact: Matt Maksimovitz - matt"at"carolinawinesource.com

South Dakota: Johnson Bros./Famous Brands; Sioux Falls, SD; ph: 605-336-2828
Contact: Ms. Robyn Trimble - rtrimble"at"johnsonbrothers.com

Tennessee - Chattanooga: Horizon Wine & Spirits - Chattanooga, TN; ph: 423-899-3962
Contact: Charlie Kelly - ckelly"at"horizonwineandspirits.com

Tennessee - Knoxville: Beverage Control, Inc.; Knoxville, TN; ph: 865-577-5543
Contact: Lee Payette - lpayette"at"beverage-control.com

Tennessee - Memphis: Victor L. Robilio Company, Inc.; Memphis, TN; ph: 800-532-3103
Contact: Marne Anderson - marnemac"at"hotmail.com

Tennessee - Nashville: Best Brands, Inc.; Nashville, TN; ph: 615-350-8500
Contact: Ross Proctor - rproctor"at"bestbrandsinc.com

Texas - Austin / San Antonio: Republic Beverage; Schertz, TX; ph: 210-230-7291
Contact: Woody DeLuna - woody.deluna"at"blockdistributing.com

Texas - Dallas: Republic Beverage; Grand Prairie, TX; ph: 972.595.6100
Contact: Wendy Moss - wendymoss"at"republicbeverage.com

Texas - Houston: Republic Beverage; Houston, TX; ph: 832.782.1000
Contact: Elizabeth Gallager - elizabethgallagher"at"republicbeverage.com

Utah: Pinon Wine Company; Salt Lake City, UT; ph: 801.278.9838
Contact: Geoffrey Andrews - taozin1"at"yahoo.com

Vermont: Calmont Beverage Co. Inc.; Barre, VT; ph: 802.223.3281
Contact: Mr. John Fagan - john.calmont"at"adelphia.net

Virginia: Roanoke Valley Wine Company; Daleville, VA; ph: 540-992-5001
Contact: Mr. Rob Crittenden - rob"at"rvwc.com

Washington: Vehrs, Inc.; Spokane, WA; ph: 800-727-9106
Contact: Mr. Bernie Seitz - bernie"at"vehrsinc.com

Washington DC: Potomac Selections; Landover, MD; phone: 703-919-1470
Contact: Thomas P. Kiszka - tk1958"at"aol.com

West Virginia: Roanoke Valley Wine Company; Daleville, VA; ph: 540-992-5001
Contact: Mr. Rob Crittenden - rob"at"rvwc.com

Wisconsin: L'eft Bank Wine Co.; McFarland, WI; ph: 608-838-8400
Contact: Elke Brendel - elke.brendel"at"leftbankwine.com

Wyoming: Wild West Wines and Spirits; Casper WY; ph: 307-235-5823
Contact: Milt Klungness - miltk"at"tribcsp.com

Rudi Wiest Selections warehouses the wines at

Grosskopf Warehouse and Logistics
20580 8th Street East
Somoma, CA 95476
800-479-9459 / 707-939-3100 phone
707-935-8241 fax

All shipments to distributors are to be picked up at this location.
Please contact our office for more information.

Rudi Wiest Selections
by Cellars International, Inc.
phone 760.566.0499 - info"at"germanwine.net - fax 760.566.0533

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